Yoga Classes

I teach several different methods of yoga classes.  These include vinyasa flow, Buti yoga, Buti flow and hot Buti yoga.  My classes tend to be very core focused as to provide the strength needed to maintain longevity and high quality of life.

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Wellness Counseling

I offer counseling for overall health and wellness.  Private consultations that are designed to help my clients achieve the health they desire including diet, yoga practice, energetic alignment, meditation and deep breathing exercises.

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I combine essential oils into signature blends to promote general health and wellness as well as remedies for specific physical and mental needs and relief.

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My Story

I am Cathy Hill.  I started practicing yoga for purely physical reasons as part of a fitness program about 12 years ago.  I have always loved to be fit and healthy so it was a great addition to what I was already doing and immediately I fell in love.  I knew every time I practiced that my body was happy and I had a sense of joy.  After years of practicing on my own I decided to dig deeper and I went through 200 RYT.  My life is forever changed and I am hoping to effect positive change in the lives of my students and community.