Vinyasa Flow

Offering a blend of power vinyasa flow and thoughtful breathing.  This class will leave your body feeling fatigued but your mind and spirit refreshed.



This is an intense workout that will transform your body, mind and soul.  This method fuses power yoga, cardio intensive tribal dance and spiral structure movement to sculpt your body and enhance feminine curves.


Private Sessions

Offering total body wellness counseling including meditation, diet, private yoga sessions and pranayama deep breathing exercises and training.


Yoga Philosophy and Class Intention

I believe yoga is the key to maintaining a balance between the body and the mind.  The focus and alignment we practice during yoga classes mirrors the desire we have for our spiritual and mental peace.  Deep breathing allows the body to relax and release both mental and energetic tensions.  This is a powerful physical practice with heavy core and stability work but at the same time we work toward loving ourselves totally with no judgement and expectation.

BUTI Yoga Connect + Thrive

If you're one of the many women in the world looking for deep mind-body transformation - this is it! Buti Yoga is a tribe of empowered women who support each other in their quest for health and happiness. The movement methodology is drawn from primal movement, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques to awaken the Shakti energy and free the mind. Founded by Bizzie Gold, creator of the Spiral Structure Technique TM and celebrity trainer, Buti Yoga will make you FALL DEEPLY, MADLY IN LOVE at first asana.